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When storage devices fail, businesses and individuals rely on NYC DRS To get the job done right the first time.

BBB Accredited data recovery company in NYC

A+ Data Recovery NYC

NYC Data Recovery Services is a certified BBB company. When you need A+ data recovery in NYC, we are here at your beckon call.

NYC Secure data recovery services

SSL Encrypted Data

With all the recent data breaches, trust a data recovery company with 256 Bit AES encryption and a strict privacy policy.

PCI Comliant data recovery Service NYC

PCI Data Service NYC

Put your mind at ease by choosing a local data recovery company in New York City that ensures your credit card information is protected by PCI.

NYC ISO4 certified data recovery cleanroom

ISO 4 Class 10 Clean Room

For the best possible chance of data recovery an ISO 4 Class 10 clean room is a must. Our 97.2% success rate is greatly attributed to this.

HIPAA Compliant Data Recovery Company in New York City

HIPAA Compliant

We handle all our customers data with the same level of care we do with our medical clients. Rest assured your data is in safe hands.

Satisfied data recovery clients in New York City


NYC Data Recovery Services

NYC Data Recovery Services provides a wide variety of data recovery services to businesses and homes throughout New York City. Some of our satisfied clients that continue to trust in us for secure, confidential, and reliable data recovery are government agencies, educational institutions, corporations, and small-large sized businesses.

Our highly trained data recovery specialists have recovered data on some of the most complex cases in the field. These cases include burned hard drives, water damage, deleted file recovery, data corruption, crashed hard drives, viruses, broken hard drives, and electrical surges. The recovery rate is currently 97.2% on all previous cases, so you can confide in our level of expertise.

Business Data Recovery New York City

When your business needs data recovery, we are here to restore that critical data required to keep the business operating at maximum functionality. It is our mission to provide exceptional data recovery services when you need it the most 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We have provided fast, secure, and reliable data recovery for government agencies, commercial banks, universities, law firms, and many other companies in the New York City area.

NYC Data Recovery Location

Our main drop off and shipping location is 373 Park Ave South 6th Fl, New York, NY 10016.

We also provide data recovery services to the following New York City cities and surrounding areas:

  • New York, NY Data Recovery
  • Manhattan, NY Data Recovery
  • Brooklyn, NY Data Recovery
  • Queens, NY Data Recovery
  • Staten Island, NY Data Recovery
  • Bronx, NY Data Recovery
Why Choose NYC Data Recovery Services?

Why Choose NYC Data Recovery Services?

Aside from our 97% success rate, free no obligation data recovery service evaluations, 15 years of experience, no data no charge policy, NYC Data Recovery Services has several certifications that are worth mentioning. As a BBB accredited business, we are reviewed independtly to make sure we are doing what we saying we are. We provide documentation to the BBB for any of our claims on our website which is part of the vigorous process of becoming an accredited BBB company.

Free Data Recovery Evaluation in New York City

With our free evaluation, you take 0 risk as a customer to have us look at your device and give you an expert opinion. Being a certified A+ BBB Data Recovery Company in NYC, our processes have been audited independently to ensure all of our claims are backed by documentation and facts. Free Evaluation

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ISO 4 Class 10 Clean Room New York City

ISO 4 Class 10 Clean Room in New York City

NYC Data Recovery Services operates an ISO 4 Class 10 Clean Room in NYC to show how serious we are about performing a safe and secure recovery. A clean room is absolutely necessary for a physical data recovery. In order to better understand why a clean room is needed for data recovery, we will offer you a scenario:

Data Recovery Customer A

Data Recovery Customer A takes his hard drive to a data recovery company in NYC that does not operate an ISO 4 Class 10 clean room. The drive is opened and 1 particle of dust lands on the platter of the hard drive and the data becomes corrupted therefore resulting unrecoverable data and a failed data recovery.

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Data Recovery Customer B

Data Recovery Customer B hands his drive over to a data recovery service that operates an ISO 4 Class 10 cleanroom. The drive is opened where there are no particles of dust in the air as the clean room prevents any environmental pollutants such as chemical vapors, microbes, dust, and aerosol particles for being present. The result; a successful recovery!

Which data recovery customer would you like to be? Look no further and choose the right NYC data recovery service company with one of the best track records in the business. Click here for B

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data recovery security NYC

A New York City Data Recoverey Company That Holds Itself to the Highest Security Standards

NYC Data Recovery Services holds itself to the highest security standards in the industry to ensure your data is protected before and after the recovery. We are a HIPAA compliant data recovery service in New York City offering the same data protection we offer to medical facilities to all of our clients. It is our standard process to provide each client with a data recovery terms of service which protects their privacy and data. Every security control is audited and checked routinely to validate our compliance with HIPAA laws and regulations.

Satisfied Data Recovery Clients

Just to name some of our valued satisfied customers...

Our New York City data recovery company has done business with thousands of clients throughout NY and would love to earn your trust.