About NYC Data Recovery Services

Devoted Data Recovery Professionals In New York City

Retrieval of your business or personal data is our top concern. NYC Data Recovery Services makes the best use of proven data recovery methods and resources that have resulted in over 15 years of successful cases and satisfied clients. We keep all cases confidential to respect your privacy throughout the process. Our trained professionals are here to alleviate all your NYC recovery needs with qualified technicians and the most reliable customer service.

No Data No Charge Policy

If we are unable to retrieve any data, you will not be charged the price in which you were quoted. This only occurs in a very small percentage of cases when data is deemed unrecoverable by the data recovery lab.

NYC Data Recovery Services Highlights

  • Free consultation and price quote
  • Over 15 years data recovery experience
  • No data no charge policy
  • Frequent updates on the status of your data
  • 100% secure and confidential
  • Fastest turnaround possible
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Over 97% success rate
  • Clean room recovery lab ISO certified

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