How much does data recovery cost in New York City?

NYC Data Recovery Cost Assessment

Each data recovery case is unique in it's entirety. It is very difficult to give a cost estimate without evaluating the drive at our facility. We certainly do not want to overcharge our clients, so we stress the importance of an evaluation.

After we determine the complexity of the issue, you will be provided with an exact flat rate price quote. Once you agree on the quote, the data recovery process is initiated. Outlined below are the different tiers that the data recovery costs may fall into. If you would like an estimate for recovery, please visit our data recovery quote page. Keep in mind that having us evaluate the drive is always the most accurate method.

TIER I - NYC Data Recovery Cost

This is the most basic level of data recovery. It is also the most common of all data recovery tiers. In most cases, this service is needed if the hard drive becomes corrupt and fails to boot up, usually caused by a virus. The cost is typically the lowest in this tier since use of a clean room is not necessary. The pricing will be determined based on the completion of our evaluation.

75% of data recovery cost in TIER I: $95-$225

TIER II - NYC Data Recovery Cost

The next level of data recovery recovery is more complex than TIER I. This is usually referred to as a logical disk error and involves rebuilding the logical portion of the hard drive in a clean room. It can also deal with a combination of corrupted data and other issues. Use of a clean room is sometimes necessary in TIER II cases, hence the steeper price range. The pricing will also be determined based on the evaluation..

75% of data recovery cost in TIER II: $150-$550

TIER III - NYC Data Recovery Cost

When hard drives fail mechanically,they fall into this category. Most cases are caused by severe damage such as water, electrical surges, or fires. Even though there is extensive damage to the drive, there is still a high probability that the data can still be recovered. For these cases, the hard drive is delivered to a data recovery lab where it is physically rebuilt in a clean room environment. Given the nature and complexity of this service, it is more expensive than TIER I / II data recovery and will be determined based on the evaluation.

75% of data recovery cost in TIER III: $750-$1,700